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English speaking teacher


My name is Barbora. This name comes from a Greek word „barbados“ which means „stranger“… and that’s a bit who I am. I love travelling and discovering new countries and cultures. Progress in personal and professional life is essential for me and I feel a strong need to learn new things all the time.

I was born and grew up in the Czech Republic but I soon left for an adventure to discover the world we are living in. My first journey was to England where I first worked in the fields picking pies and beans and after joined an English family as an au-pair. I learned the language there which allowed me to set off for other wonderful journeys. Every country that I travelled to I used to call home… It’s very easy for me to feel comfortable and safe in new places and that’s what makes me a “stranger” a bit – I can feel at home everywhere I go ?. I travelled to New Zealand, Norway, South America, Alaska, and many other countries. I also walked Camino de Santiago – over 800km across the north Spain which taught me a lot about my own strengths and weaknesses. I lived in Portugal, Iceland, and Canada the longest and learned many new things about different cultures, philosophies and a lot about human beings – which I see as the most important part of all.

Life brought me into unexpected circumstances and I returned to my home country. Seeing the problems our society is facing at the moment made me think about how could I help to improve the situation. In Canada I was a part of a project where we were trying to establish a new way of an alternative education for kids and adults and I realized that educating our kids how to become stable and happy human beings is essential for our society to become strong and harmonious. That’s why I decided to join Ama School in a new adolescent program which can be an opportunity to help the kids to become well prepared for their lives.

Living abroad and travelling the world, I learned that material wealth is not as important for me anymore, although it’s necessary for living. I value much more relationships and human values and working on improving myself as a human being every day.

I really enjoy helping the others around me and I believe that human potential is to live in harmony within, with one another and the environment, and that happiness is human purpose.