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English speaking asistent


My name is Claire and I was born in Chomutov in 1979. I have graduated from SOU Udlice. Almost right after graduating from SOU Udlice, I realized that wasn’t the right path for me and wanted to find something else.

I met my now husband in Prague, we soon married and moved to Dubai when I was just 23 years old. After 6 years of our life in Dubai, we moved to Egypt with our two kids where I worked in a nursery.

This felt like the right decision, work with children was fulfilling me and I wanted to educate myself more in order to get closer to the mind of children. I had undertaken a TEFL course from Notting Hill University. Life with two kids wasn’t so easy under the educational system that Egypt has, therefore I have, once again, moved back and this time into my country, Czech.

I enrolled my kids into the Czech educational system and I myself started to work in a private school in Chomutov. My kids are now quite big and they’re currently in high school.

Because I knew I wanted to continue teaching kids and being around them I took another course as an assistant of a teacher in the Czech republic. I believe that children have a great potential if they are stimulated and guided in the right way, they can discover and explore the knowledge of the world very easily and Montessori education is helping them develop this knowledge.

My motto…

Everyone has potential and deserves a second chance, but not everyone has the motivation to reach their peak.