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English speaking asistent


So, hello there, around here, my name is Johny but I was born in Most in 1995, whereas I have graduated from the local grammar school (Podkrusnohorske Gymnasium).


Within my study years, I spent quite a time abroad, especially in Kansas, the USA.After I came back to our beautiful Bohemian country, I lived in Prague, where I studied in English at various universities ranging from Diplomacy to teaching people about rural development with practical english.


Along my peer era, I taught English, within the EDUA group all across Prague. Despite my main focus being adults, I knew that was not my path I shall take in my life, thus, I decided to devote my skills to guiding youngsters.


For all my life, I have been traveling through many places but at some point in our lives, it is necessary to settle and focus on who we want to evolve to, e.g. in the place of our birth.


I am a passionate musician with the sense of a gardenist in love with linguistics. I also have one sister, plenty of critters and plants at home.


I am excited to be a part of such a unique environment and really thrilled to be the english speaking guide within the third elementary, thus the eldest brilliant minds, we will have around the peers.


As I like to say, we all create our own language, but with an open heart and an open mind, we are already halfway there.

My motto…

Think globally, act locally