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English speaking teacher


I was born in the Czech Republic in 1991. When I think about my years as a student I must admit that I was never a bad student, I’ve just always had this feeling that there is something more outside the school walls.

After I finished my bachelor’s program, I started to work as a Kindergarten teacher. Being surrounded by children has always been a dream of mine. But my soul desired for more adventure at that time. And so I became a ski and snowboard instructor. This seasonal job allowed me to work and live in various countries. I got a chance to know other interesting cultures, to live in different environments and let myself be inspired by it. Canada, Iceland, Austria, England and Japan – all of these countries I have called my home. I think travelling makes us see the world from a broader perspective. One can also discover their true self by travelling.

As the world started to transform due to the global pandemy, I had to keep up. I set myself a simple life goal – always do what you love. And I am truly stoked to be a part of AMA School’s family, I am very excited to bring my worldly experiences into the classroom, share my knowledge of far away places with the kids and also learn from them. Sometimes kids are the best teachers. ?

My motto…

„Do you want to change the world? Start with yourself.“